9 Factors You Should Consider Before Buying A Smart Breaker

What is a Smart Breaker?

A WiFi smart breaker is an electrical circuit breaker that can be controlled remotely through a home automation system. It works in a similar way to a traditional circuit breaker, by automatically cutting off the power supply when it detects an electrical overload or short circuit.

What is a Smart Breaker?

However, a smart breaker is also equipped with additional features, such as built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to be controlled from a smartphone or other device. This means that users can turn the power on or off remotely, monitor energy usage in real time, and receive alerts if there is an electrical issue. WiFi circuit breakers can be a valuable addition to a home automation system, providing greater control and flexibility over the electrical systems in your home.

What Should You Consider Before Buying?

As technology continues to advance, more and more homeowners are turning to home automation to simplify their lives. Smart breakers are an integral part of any home automation system, as they allow you to control the power supply to specific areas of your home remotely. If you're considering adding WiFi smart circuit breakers to your home automation system, here are some key factors to consider when making your choice.


1. Compatibility with Your Home Automation System

Before you can choose a smart circuit breaker, you need to ensure that it's compatible with your existing home automation system. Not all WiFi breakers are created equal, and some may not be compatible with certain home automation systems. Make sure to check the manufacturer's specifications and ensure that the smart breaker you choose will work seamlessly with your home automation system.

2. Amps and Volts

When choosing a smart breaker, you'll need to consider the amperage and voltage required for your home's electrical system. The amperage rating of a smart breaker determines the amount of current that can flow through it before it trips, while the voltage rating indicates the maximum voltage that the breaker can handle. Make sure to consult with an electrician to determine the correct amperage and voltage for your home's electrical system before selecting a smart breaker.

3. Type of Load

The type of load that the smart breaker will be controlling is another important factor to consider. Some smart breakers are designed to handle lighting loads, while others are designed to handle heavy motor loads. Make sure to choose a smart breaker that is rated for the specific type of load you'll be controlling. This rating is usually determined by the voltage and amperage of the circuit, as well as the type of circuit and environment it is being used in.

Additionally, it is important to choose a breaker that is designed for the type of load you will be controlling, such as a residential, industrial, or commercial circuit. Finally, for safety reasons, it is best to select a breaker that has been tested and approved by a certified testing laboratory.

4. Features

Smart breakers come with a variety of features, and the features you choose will depend on your specific needs. Some smart breakers come with built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to control them remotely from your smartphone or tablet. Others come with built-in surge protection, protecting your home's electronics from power surges. Some even come with energy monitoring features, allowing you to track your home's energy usage in real-time.

smart breaker Features

5. Number of Poles

When selecting a WiFi circuit breaker, it is important to choose one with the correct number of poles. The number of poles on a circuit breaker refers to the number of separate circuits it can control. Generally, most residential applications require a single-pole breaker, while larger applications, such as those in commercial and industrial settings, may require a two-pole breaker or even a three-pole breaker. It is important to select a breaker with the appropriate number of poles for the circuits it is controlling in order to ensure proper operation and safety.

6. Brand and Warranty

When it comes to home automation, it's important to choose high-quality products from reputable brands. Make sure to choose a smart breaker from a well-known and trusted brand that offers a warranty or guarantee on its products. This way, you can be confident in the quality and durability of the product and have peace of mind knowing that you're protected in case anything goes wrong.

7. Installation and Compatibility with Existing Wiring

Installing a smart breaker may require some electrical work, so it's important to consider the installation process and ensure that it's compatible with your existing wiring. If you're not familiar with electrical work, it's best to consult with a licensed electrician who can ensure that the smart breaker is installed correctly and safely.

8. Cost

Smart breakers can range in price from around $40 to several hundred dollars, depending on the brand, features, and capabilities. It's important to consider your budget when choosing a smart breaker and to choose a product that offers the features you need at a price point that works for you.

9. Scalability

It's important to consider the scalability of your home automation system. As your needs and preferences change over time, you may want to add or remove smart breakers from your system. Make sure to choose a smart breaker that is scalable and can be easily added to or removed from your system as needed.


When selecting a smart breaker for your home automation system, it is important to take several factors into account, such as cost, type of breaker, compatibility with your existing system, and energy efficiency. Researching and analyzing your options can help you determine which smart breaker is the best fit for your particular needs and maximize the potential of your home automation system.

Plus, you should also consider the safety features of the breaker, such as surge protection, short circuit protection, and ground fault circuit interrupters, to ensure that your home is properly protected from electrical hazards. Ultimately, with the right smart breaker, you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of a smart home automation system. If you have questions about choosing a smart breaker, Contact AT-ELE to get help.