What is a smart circuit breaker? How to use smart circuit breakers?

A smart Circuit Breaker is an electronic device that allows you to remotely control the circuit breaker safely over the internet. It is a perfect tool to turn your home into a smart home.
Smart circuit breakers can be a perfect tool to monitor and control the status information of all the circuits present in a home or residence with the help of a stable internet connection (normally via WiFi).
Smart Circuit Breakers are an essential part of the internet of things, ideal for turning your house into a smart home. On the other hand, smart circuit breakers can use various protocols for proper operation according to your needs, such as: 4G/5G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Network Port, among others. All of these protocols are essential to maintain device security and ease of operation.

What is a Smart Circuit Breaker?

Smart circuit breakers are incredible electronic devices that allow you to remotely manage the status of the circuit breaker and load equipment without the need to expose yourself to an accident. It is a safe way to perform traditional tasks but without exposing yourself to an accident.Smart circuit breakers are characterized by using multiple protocols to facilitate their operation, this includes 4G or 5G protocols, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth in some cases, Network Ports, etc. All of them are a fundamental piece in the creation of a smart home.
Smart circuit breakers are characterized by using multiple protocols to facilitate their operation, this includes 4G or 5G protocols, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth in some cases, Network Ports, etc. All of them are a fundamental piece in the creation of a smart home.
Smart circuit breakers are a fundamental part of the internet of things (term widely used today to refer to smart homes) and can also be called remote control circuit breakers, you will discover more about these devices throughout the article, keep reading!. They are capable of recording the information on the status of the circuits and the rest of the equipment through the internet in real time.

What is a WiFi circuit breaker?

WiFi circuit breaker is the name of the WiFi communication method under Smart circuit breaker. WiFi is a type of communication method currently widely used globally, it allows establishing a secure connection between devices and a way to maintain uniformity between devices. Unlike some other methods, it may require wire connection. Equipped with multiple separated gateways, the vast majority of users prefer to use the Wi-Fi connection to connect to their smart circuit breaker, it is the easiest way to do it and it is divided into two parts:
smart breaker structure


  • One is the mechanical mechanism part, which is the conventional circuit breaker part.
  • One is chip part, which is the control part


Mechanical mechanism part

Just like traditional circuit breakers which include over-current protection, anti-short circuit protection, etc, smart circuit breakers have good breaking capacity and many of the main components of a traditional smart breaker, but with the powerful advantage of being controlled more easily.

  1. Operating mechanism – Provide circuit breaker opening and closing methods,
  2. Frame – It allows to protect the internal parts of the circuit from external interactions and materials
  3. Contacts – It enables the current to flow through the circuit breaker in case it is closed
  4. Arc – The arc is extinguished when the circuit breaker interrupts the fault. 


Control part

Short circuit protection,overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, metering and other faults can all be controlled in real time. Through the mobile phone APP or computer program for the specific smart circuit breaker and its communications protocols, you will be able to monitor all the data needed for different devices and appliances.

WiFi controlled circuit breaker: Terms of use

WiFi circuit breaker switches are widely used in industrial production and everyday life due to their convenient remote control of the power distribution and the power consumption system.

Transport Industry: Intelligent Transport System.

Communication industry: communication base stations, outdoor cabinets, computers, etc.

Security industry: security monitoring, mineral monitoring, energy control and monitoring.

Outdoor Lighting: Outdoor LED Advertising Screen

Smart Circuit Breaker Description and Function:

When purchasing one of these electrical components we must take into account some characteristics:

Working voltage: Voltage for which they are designed. They can be monophasic or triphasic.

Intensity: As with voltage, it is the value of the working current.

Breaking power: The maximum intensity that can interrupt.

Closing power: Maximum intensity that can withstand without damage.

Number of poles: The number of connectors that we can connect to the device.

A smart circuit breaker can control the branch circuit breaker safely, this way things such as metering intensity can avoid accidents and injuries. Smart Circuit breakers are capable of giving current overload protection to keep people safe if an incident occurs and it is a good option to have leakage protection.  On the other hand, smart circuit breakers allow you to have a remote control circuit switch and timing setting, which is an amazing tool to handle this equipment safely.

WiFi circuit breakers: What are their advantages?

Energy-saving advantages

There may be a button in the room to turn off various household equipment. With an amazing updated algorithm based on specific habits, you can easily automate the turning on or off of the electrical device based on the received voltage, which is an incredible security measure for home life protection and has a large breaking capacity. The tripping autorecloser can reach 65kA to prevent the circuit breaker from being subjected to extreme pressure in case of any type of failure. And, in case of not using electricity, the device is turned off.

Safety advantages

The WiFi circuit smart breaker can be remotely locked to prevent malfunction. In the event of a power interruption, it may automatically shut down or shut down electricity depending on the mode.

Intelligence advantages

Every switch in a room can be operated remotely. This facilitates the control of lighting, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, among others. Ensuring safety and comfort at all times. The wonderful thing about a smart circuit breaker is that you can turn the lights on and off regularly in your day to day life, without the need to perform this task manually and exposing yourself to possible accidents. It has several benefits, the most essential of which is that it safeguards our energy security and also energy management, it is the best tool in terms of energy use. The best part, you can provide time, delay and any other parameters that you need to control the operation of the smart circuit breaker.

Popular WiFi circuit breakers

AT-Q-SMR1 AT-Q-SMR1 smart circuit breaker

This is a budget-friendly and functional model. The AT-Q-SMR1-40 WiFi intelligent circuit breaker is designed for 50/60 Hz, 230/400 V, 6-40 A, 10-100mA circuits.


AT-QCB2 wifi smart breaker

The AT-QCB2 Tuya Smart Life MCB WIFI Metering Circuit Breaker offers a convenient way to monitor and manage power usage around the home. It is compatible with popular voice services like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and is equipped with a variety of safety features including overload, short-circuit, over-current, and over-voltage protection. It also allows users to control appliances remotely, with schedules, and is certified safe with CE-EMC and CE-LVD certification. The device also includes a TUYA chip for reliable WIFI signal transmission and reception.

How to link a smartphone to a WiFi smart circuit breaker? First, press the Network configuration button  and activate the smart circuit breaker properly, open the Tuya app and log in, add your desired device manually via Bluetooth, after that you should connect it to a Wifi connection. After a couple of seconds the program will be automatically connected, you then open the background and set the instructions desired in your app control.

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