What are Smart Breaker Usage Scenarios?


Circuit breakers are not a new product concept in the traditional power industry or low-voltage appliances. New low-voltage appliances are updated from generation to generation, and new sensor technologies are continuously integrated. Smart breakers are gradually attracting attention in traditional communication connections and on the Internet of Things. Today we will talk about this topic.

What is a Smart Breaker?

What is a Smart Breaker?

The smart breaker is based on traditional circuit breakers to control power lines and protect safe power use. Relying on a variety of sensor technologies, microelectronics and a variety of information transmission technologies, smart breakers combine remote control, metering and communication functions together. It helps to better complete the task of breaking and improve the intelligent operation of the circuit breaker. 

The new generation of smart circuit breakers has gathered over-voltage protection, leakage, electricity meter, surge protection, timer and other functions in one. They can be controlled by a variety of line switches + smart gateway combinations and can be controlled remotely through a PC and APP.

What are the Benefits of Smart Breakers?

The smart breaker has a high breaking capacity and continuously and steadily guards the home's electrical safety. It can also monitor current, voltage, temperature, power, power factor and electricity in real time, and alarm or trip when encountering faults such as over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, fire, overloading or short-circuiting to prevent electrical fires. 

The intelligent circuit breaker has a function that automatically tests for leakage protection to avoid accidents with electricity. This really helps to protect people and property from harm. Smart breakers can be used with intelligent gateways to control home air conditioning, electronic devices, and intelligent door locks. It can achieve intelligent switching of smart home scenes to ensure user safety.

Different electrical appliances consume different amounts of electricity, and smart circuit breakers are equipped with environmental protection, energy saving, and safe use of electricity. Smart circuit breakers can make electricity at home safe, energy-efficient and controllable. Real-time monitoring of power equipment allows you to set the circuit on and off times to ensure safety while reducing energy costs.

In which Usage Scenario are Smart Breakers Used? 

Smart circuit breakers can be used to manage power lines and save on terminal equipment investment. It can be widely used in scenarios such as smart cities, smart communities, smart pensions, smart medical care, smart agriculture, high-end shopping malls and supermarkets, high-end housing and industrial internet applications. It enables remote monitoring and control, online detection, fault warning and protection of energy systems.

5G Base Station Power Management

5G Base Station Power Management

Smart breakers can be used with existing base station power supply systems to provide a complete set of 5G base station power system management solutions. Especially in 5G single-station energy consumption and energy-saving management with operators, tower companies, and main equipment suppliers to provide an independent and timely management strategy.

Smart breakers and platform solutions can be used not only in the power and load management of 5G base stations but also in other application areas. In particular, on the basis of not adding or modifying existing equipment and fully utilizing old equipment in the breaker box, intelligent switching and line modification on power lines. Thus, it can improve the overall intelligence level and provide a new means of control and product thinking.

Application in Intelligent Property Management

Power management solutions based on smart breakers can be used to retrofit existing property services. On the basis of not adding and renovating existing equipment and fully utilizing old equipment, intelligent switching and wiring renovation is used to effectively enhance intelligent management tools. It can be widely used in new and old community property management, park management and other scenarios. It's possible to save the cost of new equipment through equipment renovation and replacement.

Application in Intelligent Property Management

Smart Breaker Application in Security Management

Smart breakers in intelligent security management can be linked and controlled with fire-fighting electrical equipment such as smart smoke sensors, smart gas sensors, smart water valves and lifts. When the breaker detects and monitors a danger signal, it can be set to automatically shut down the circuit to eliminate fire hazards. 

Smart Breaker Application in the Community

The renovation of the pilot IoT distribution room in the community was completed with the replacement of smart breakers and technical support. The smart breaker has enabled the community to ensure the safety and management of electricity consumption. At the same time, the renovation and upgrade have made our management procedures simpler. It can save manpower and material resources and make community life safer and more convenient.

Smart Breaker Application on Campus.

The school's original circuit system was upgraded to solve the problem of power supply interruptions due to aging power supply lines. Smart breakers can help build a full-coverage campus fire prevention and control system, making many contributions to the intelligence, safety and visualization of campus electricity consumption.

Smart Breaker Application in the Park

Smart Breaker Application in the Park

Smart breakers and smart electricity monitoring platforms can help visualize and manage electricity consumption in a park. The integrated solution of the intelligent distribution room improves energy efficiency, simplifies property management, and enhances user safety. In addition, there are also smart breakers in scenes such as agricultural sheds, jewelry shops, hotels, earthquake bureaus and small commodity markets. Where there is electricity, there is no place without the protection of smart miniature circuit breakers. 


Nowadays, smart electricity use has crossed from the concept stage to the scene landing stage. Smart breakers can be found in various industry sectors such as electricity, education, industry, agriculture, construction, public transport, finance, medicine and scientific research, etc.

AT-ELE smart breakers not only improve safety for users but also help promote the wider use of smart electricity. Smart breakers can guarantee the safety of electricity consumption, realize the intelligence, energy saving and convenience. It can also enhance the happiness of life and will be the smart energy product that can be seen everywhere in the future.