What are the Smart Breaker Solutions?

A smart breaker replaces traditional circuit breakers to provide energy-saving, safe power, operation, and maintenance costs without needing additional sensors or controllers. Smart circuit breakers can reduce O&M costs and are suitable for the large-scale promotion of energy management in the power industry.

Through the IoT circuit breaker with a cloud platform, you can achieve remote power meter reading such as voltage, current, power, and electricity for energy saving and consumption control. With remote operation and maintenance, you can save a lot of resources. At the same time, intelligent circuit breakers can remotely monitor electrical places. It's a trend to promote and apply smart breakers globally. You can bring huge economic and social benefits from it.

What is a Smart Breaker?

A smart breaker is an electronic device that monitors and diagnoses electrical systems in real-time. With smart breakers, you can use a remote control to turn them on and off electrical appliances. They aid in managing the distribution of electricity in commercial and industrial settings. You can monitor energy use, turn circuits on and off, and gather data with the help of smart breakers, which can then be utilized to optimize energy use for power system automation.

Smart circuit breakers have both traditional safety functions and accurate power and energy metering. They can also log maintenance, monitor power events, and offer warnings and diagnostics. These characteristics are necessary to increase equipment safety, dependability, and efficiency while lowering energy and maintenance costs. In the US, the UK, and Germany, automation technologies are being used in increasing industries.

What are the Innovative Advantages of the Smart Breaker Application?

Monitor Electricity Consumption

The smart breaker can monitor electricity usage and provide early warning and protection. Smart circuit breakers use data encryption to secure communication and protect data. The device can provide monitoring data analysis reports daily, monthly, quarterly and annually, including voltage, current, power, overvoltage, and temperature. It can also issue alarms and take protective measures in case of over-voltage, overload or short circuits. You can remotely read meters, monitor electricity metering and accumulate electricity. Due to its low operating power consumption, the smart circuit breaker is truly energy-efficient. 

Limit Current and Power 

Smart circuit breakers are capable of limiting current and power in different applications, so they can be used in different environments. Schools can install smart circuit breakers to monitor the use of high-power appliances in students' dormitories to avoid danger. On the other hand, property management companies can use it to protect only the lighting fixtures, etc. from delinquent customers.

Combine Local and Remote Modes

By combining local and remote modes on smart circuit breakers, misuse of the IoT circuit breaker body with local and remote toggle switches can be prevented. When the equipment power requirements can not be disconnected, the circuit breaker will be switched to local mode. Then it can not be controlled remotely to prevent misoperation. But the protection function is still effective in preventing the abnormal occurrence of accidents.

Send Abnormal Warning

Smart circuit breakers can send abnormal early warning protection notifications to achieve early warning notification of abnormal line operation. The notification includes information about a power outage and an abnormal splitting or disconnection (e.g., accidental splitting). This can help managers respond better to power outages and other problems that come up.

Reduce Energy Costs

Smart breakers enable energy-saving control to reduce energy costs and increase benefits. You can switch on and off electrical appliances remotely and set up automatic time-of-day switching controls. For example, turn public lighting on or off on a regular schedule. In addition, smart circuit breaker alarms can be used to find out fault points. Using this method, you will be able to analyze the reasons behind faults and reduce the maintenance and operation costs associated with humans.


What are the smart breaker application expansions?

What are the smart breaker application expansions?

In order to meet customer needs, smart breakers can be used independently or in combination. You could install them with a lot of combined ways to DIY an automated system for your house, office and any other place. The following are some examples of specific usage scenarios related to the user experience.

Intelligent Security Management

The smart can have a linkage control with fire-fighting equipment such as smart temperature sensors, smart smoke sensors, smart water valves and other intelligent monitoring equipment. It can be set to shut down the circuit when a danger signal is detected in the energy systems to eliminate fire hazards.

Intelligent Power Distribution Management

Smart circuit breakers enable electrical control, remote line monitoring, alarm and protection. Meanwhile, it's in conjunction with load management fault prediction. The system can save a lot of manpower and money through remote monitoring.

Smart City

Smart City

The smart breaker can be applied to achieve remote monitoring and control, online detection, fault warning and protection management. It's possible to make life smarter by using smart breakers in property management, smart homes, smart communities, smart schools, smart banks, smart elderly, smart medical, high-end shopping malls, industrial Internet applications and other places.

Communication Operators

Operator 4G/5G base stations can be equipped with smart circuit breakers for controlling the power efficiency and power savings, timing and flow remote monitoring, online fault detection, fault early warning, and protection management. To achieve splitting for the shared base stations of towers, smart breakers are used for splitting metering. Each operator will be billed according to the actual power used. Thus, remote monitoring and control of power consumption can avoid disputes, and greatly reduce the workload of operation and maintenance.

How to Find a Smart Breaker Specialist?

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