What is a Smart Socket?

What is a Smart Socket?


What is a Smart Socket?


Smart plug home is an incredible and versatile device that allows you to control any device connected to it, for example the route, the heating, etc. This way you can control multiple devices even without being at home.

If they are already useful in themselves, when they are part of a home automation ecosystem to turn our house into a smart place like Google Assistant or Apple homekit, the possibilities increase a lot.

At at-ele.com we will show you everything you need to know about the smart socket so that you can turn your home into a technological paradise full of luxury and beauty in every corner.

Smart Plugs: What You Need to Know Before Buying One


What You Need to Know Before Buying One


Compatibility: If you want to buy a smart plug that is controlled through an app, try to find that the app is compatible with the operating system of your devices. In this way you will be able to have all your devices connected in an efficient way. Most of the smart plugs that you will find on the market work with the iOS or Android operating systems.

Smart plugs require a ground connection, a safety measure that exists by law in current buildings, but which you may lack if you are in an older construction.

The amperage that most smart plugs tolerate ranges from 10 to 16 amps. Make sure that your appliances and electrical appliances are compatible with this intensity, otherwise you will not be able to use them.

Be careful with the design: Some smart plugs are very bulky, blocking access to other nearby items. In this case, try to get a much more compact smart plug that suits your space needs.

If you already have a virtual assistant at home or already have smart life items, make sure they are compatible with your ecosystem. Without going any further, most work with the Android and Google home app ecosystems, leaving the Apple home ecosystem much more limited. Although smart home devices automation expansion grows little by little, it is always better to check before making an investment that all gadgets "understand" each other.

All smart plugs that connect to Wi-Fi operate on the 2.4 GHz band, typical of routers in recent years. However, if you have a next-generation router, it may have a dual band that includes 5GHz in addition to 2.4 GHz, so you will have to choose that these devices connect with the band with which they are compatible. 

Smart Socket features


Smart Socket features


Smart plugs have an incredible number of features the you will love, for example:

"Away" mode: especially aimed at lamps, TV or music devices. This feature randomly turns them on and off when you're away to make it seem like someone is home.

Consumption monitoring: Some models control electrical use, providing how much electricity has passed through them in a period of time, so that we can know how much a specific appliance consumes and start energy monitoring.

Voice control: using commands addressed to virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa app or Google Assistant, we can turn on or off smart plugs.

Connection with other devices. You can sync other smart devices so that they understand each other, like Apple TV or smart speakers like Google Assistant Home or Amazon Echo.

Conditional events: Increase the automation of your smart home with the use of specific instructions (IFTTT) or applications, which allows the passage of current depending on multiple factors such as location or a sensor.

But the most important function is to turn on or off the devices that are connected to the smart plug. This can be done in various ways depending on the complexity of the device.

Smart Plug Types:


Smart Plug Types


With a timer:

The easiest smart plugs to use are the programmable ones, which you can easily configure to perform certain actions over a period of time, for example, control the heater in the morning.

With a programmer:

Another somewhat more advanced option allows us to turn devices on and off automatically following various temporal patterns through adjustments with a calendar and a clock. For example, the lights in an office might only be turned on Monday through Friday during business hours.

By remote control:

In this way, switching on and off is chosen individually, either at the user's discretion or because conditional parameters are met. Among these models, we find those that work with remote control, through an app or by voice control with a virtual assistant. Each one of them is adapted to the needs of the client, choose the one you like the most!. In order for smart plugs to work through applications, they need to be connected to the router Wi Fi Network.

Smart Socket: Is it worth it today?

The Smart Socket, or also the smart plug, is an indispensable tool for the operation of the home security and office of the future. It allows you to automate various tasks easily with just a stable WiFi connection to optimize activities.

Although these changes can take time, there is no doubt that the use of a Smart plug for a home (plus the inclusion of an assistant such as Alexa or Google), make life much easier and happier.

Each Smart Wi-fi Plug is different, and may require an app to use, but all Smart Plug allow you to have control over what happens in your home, automate it and make the most of your time.

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On the other hand, smart outlet plug wifi is an incredible opportunity to give your home an important change. While offering safety and comfort to your family, you can control many household activities without being present at all times.

Get Your Smart Socket Today!


Smart Socket are a technological innovation that you can take advantage of very easily, whether you are looking at wemo wifi smart plug, Alexa Smart Plug, Kasa Smart Socket or the famous Amazon Smart Assistant plug home outlet, we have different options that will cover your needs and those of your family, start today and find the perfect smart socket for you!