What Should You Consider Before Buying a Smart Breaker?


With regards to electric protection, you will not wish to take any risks at your home and office. Smart breakers are a key component in the protection of power systems. It’s the best choice to protect you and your family from accidents or injuries. It’s time to upgrade your home to an intelligent system for reaching the next level of home automation. Here is something you need to know in advance.

What is a smart circuit breaker?

A smart breaker performs all the same functions as a traditional one to control the on and off. It has overload protection, under and over voltage protection. But the difference is that a smart breaker can be remotely controlled with a WiFi network. Also, you can use it to monitor and control the home appliance on the circuit. It pairs with Google Home and Amazon Alexa through voice command. Moreover, it’s convenient to set a schedule on and off via your mobile phone. For example, if you want to turn on and off at a routine time, you can set a schedule on your mobile. A smart breaker is going to turn your home wiring right into a smart automation system.

Why do you need a smart circuit at home?

Why do you need a smart circuit at home?

Notice that circuit breakers are the important part where electricity flows into your home. It's considered to be a gateway to your smart home. If there is a smart breaker on your circuit, it becomes easier to have a flexible electricity system. It helps to monitor each electrical appliance such as electric heaters, fans, bulbs, refrigerators and washing machines connected to your home.

Energy Savings

Through convenient automated scheduling of your home appliances, the smart breaker will help you reduce energy waste and save money. It allows you to make the entire home energy smart with the smart home APP.  You could turn the light off with your mobile phone if you left the light on when you go out.

Safe and Reliable

A smart circuit breaker is a safer and more reliable alternative, because it doesn’t rely on mechanical components. You can have an overview of all your appliance. It collects the real-time data to your mobile phone, so that you could make a reaction in time if there is something dangerous happening or where system defaults are. It will give you peace of mind no matter where you are, whether you are at work or on vacation.


It's a good way to monitor energy loads, detect problems, and adjust electrical demands on different circuits. The smart breaker can record long-term circuit data for you to analyze and figure out if you need any improvement for energy efficiency. Keeping track of all your appliances allows you to know when they might need to be replaced in advance.

What should you consider before buying a smart breaker?

A smart breaker is an important tool to keep the safety of your home circuit. We can not live without the proteton of it. Before picking up or purchasing, you should consider a lot of things and do some research. Here are some tips for choosing a smart breaker for a safety upgrade. Hope it can help you come up with some ideas.

What should you consider before buying a smart breaker?

Protection Methods

The most important thing to consider is the protection function. It’s the initial requirement for circuit breakers. The smart breaker should be equipped with over and under voltage protection, temperature over or under protection, and over-power or under-power protection. 
These main protections can keep you away from short circuit and electrical fire risks. Also, you can preset values to send alerts on your phone in case there is something wrong on the circuit.

Electricity Monitor

A smart breaker featured with metering can help to collect real-time data. It’s a really useful function when you pick up a new breaker. You could check all the data on your mobile phone to manage electricity usage. Also, it can report the problem on your circuit or home appliances. It may indicate that a refrigerator may need maintenance if a dedicated circuit for the appliance is continually overloaded.

Compatible Smart APP and Device

Pair with a mainstream Smart Life APP like TUYA APP - provide a useful smart home management app to make your smart home products easier to manage. Also, a smart break can work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It’s convenient to send a voice command to control your appliances.  

Easy Installation

Someone may think it’s difficult to install a smart breaker and all the electrical work should be completed by an electrical professional with appropriate knowledge. But usually,  there is an installation video to help you step by step. If you are good at DIY projects, you could give it a try. Or you could feel free to contact us when having any installation problems.

Quality Guarantee

Good quality, good workmanship, and good details are essential to the quality of a good product. There is no doubt that you need to find a high-quality smart breaker for long service life. A breaker made of PA66 material is extremely flame retardant and can withstand high temperatures. Moreover, it must have a certificate of quality for safety in use. Customer support is also an important part to solve the problem.

What’s the best smart breaker for the recommendation?

What’s the best smart breaker for the recommendation?
AT Tech is specializing in smart power, smart homes, and smart industrial power. AT-Q-SY1 WIFI Din Rail Metering Circuit Breaker is the best seller with strict quality control. It helps a lot of customers with home automation. The AT-Q-SY1 may meet your need to protect the entire home. By using high-precision manganese copper flame retardant shell PA66, it creates a long-life motor system. No matter where you are, you can control your electrical appliances remotely. The devices in your house can also be set up to operate on a daily routine. Using Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, you can send voice commands to control your home devices. What’s more, it’s beneficial to optimize and save money by monitoring the electricity consumption data of the connected device in real-time. A smart breaker helps you connect with your family and manage your life easily.