What You Need to Know About Smart Breakers: ATSM1 WiFi Breaker


I'm sure you're no stranger to traditional circuit breakers, so how much do you know about smart breakers? With the rise of the smart grid, there are higher requirements for supporting power equipment technology. As an essential support in the construction of the electric power system, the smart breaker's development is closer to the level of intelligence needed to meet more needs. Here are something you may want to know.

Compared to Traditional Circuit Breaker, What Can Smart Breaker do?

What You Need to Know About Smart Breakers: AT-Q-SMR1 WiFi Breaker

The circuit breaker evolved from the traditional electric gate and is a common power distribution management device. When a short circuit or overcurrent fault occurs in the circuit, the circuit breaker can quickly cut off the power and prevent the fault from expanding. At the same time, smart breakers can also be used as general switches, devices that enable the distribution and control of electrical energy.

Smart breakers on the basis of the traditional circuit breaker's control of power lines, protection of safe electricity, and the introduction of chip technology, circuit breakers gradually began to be intelligent. Smart breakers combine control, metering, and communication tasks into one. Therefore, a smart breaker can better complete the opening task and improve the reliability of opening to achieve intelligent operation of the circuit breaker.


What  Benifits Can You Get from Smart Breakers?

ATSM1 WiFi Smart Circuit Breaker Tuya Remote Control


Smart breakers can monitor current, voltage, temperature, electrical energy and other electricity parameters in real time. When a short circuit, overload, leakage, undervoltage, overvoltage, overheating, and other faults occur in the line, the smart breaker alarms or trips and pushes the alarm information to the user. This facilitates timely troubleshooting of electrical faults and the prevention of electrical fires.

Energy Saving

Different appliances consume different amounts of electricity. Traditional circuit breakers cannot know the electricity consumption of each line appliance. Smart breakers are able to make electricity consumption clear and controllable, so as to develop energy-saving solutions for use. Real-time monitoring of back-end power-using devices and free setting of circuit on/off times ensure safety while achieving energy savings.


Traditional circuit breakers do not have intelligent functions, and it is not possible to do remote operation and processing. The smart breaker can be easily controlled remotely through the cell phone APP to control air conditioners, washing machines, TVs and other electrical equipment. This achieves intelligent control of equipment through a timing switch to ensure the safety of users with electricity while meeting the needs of users at home.

Easy to Install

The smart breaker is easy to install, and the rail design is attached to most distribution boxes. You only need to replace the old circuit breaker with it, and all the electricians can install it, making it fast and convenient. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can also try to wire it up according to the instructions.

Where can You Use Smart Breakers?

Smart breakers are widely used, not only in life, but also in production and public utilities. In terms of creating a smart home, smart breakers can be connected to some common electrical devices to make them intelligent, such as lights, washing machines and water heaters.

For example, you can use smart circuit breakers to control your air conditioner, set a timer to turn it on regularly, and monitor its daily or monthly electricity consumption. In addition, smart breakers can also be applied to the irrigation system of the farm estate to remotely control the watering of crops. Smart breakers can also be useful in public lighting. They can be used to manage the lighting system of a park and reduce labor costs through remote monitoring. Smart breakers can be applied in crowded places such as shopping malls to better protect the safety of circuits and prevent fires caused by electricity use.

What are the Features of ATSM1 Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker?

AT-ELE ATSM1 smart breaker combines the latest technology with a built-in smart chip to make the circuit breaker intelligent. It has the functions of timing, remote control, circuit protection, and power monitoring all in one. It can be used with smart speakers and controlled with the Tuya APP. It works with smart speakers and controlled with Tuya APP. One device can convert your home's previous traditional appliances and create a smart home.

What are the Features of AT-Q-SMR1 Wifi Smart Circuit Breaker?



















Lora, SigMesh, RS 485, ZigBee, RI45

Control Type

Manual, Remote Control, Automatic


Remote Switch on/off

You may turn on and off your electrical appliances remotely with the TUYA APP. If you forget turn off the lights before leaving home, you could turn it off anytime form anywhere.

Voice Control

Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT are compatible with the ATSM1. To control the electrical appliances, you can use voice commands.

Safety Guarantee

The smart breaker can help to protect from overload, short circuit protectio, over and under voltage. It's able to defend the electrical system from insulating failure.

Range Threshold Value

To protect your home appliance and make it more dependable, the threshold value has a broad range. Keep your family away from any potential threat.

Set a Schedule

Smart breakers can establish the home's routine. If you turn on the air conditioner before you arrive home, you may live comfortably.

Energy Monitoring

In order to know how much power you are consuming, you may gather statistics on consumption in real-time. To manage the home appliances, look up the history information.



With the continuous development of the Internet of Things, cloud computing and AI technology, the quality of power supply to the power system in production and life has put forward higher and higher standards. When the power system fails, the power supply system requires a high level of automation and intelligence.

Smart breakers can identify the type of fault in time, quickly locate the fault line to facilitate troubleshooting, and ensure the smooth operation of the electricity system. At the same time, it can realize the digitization and intelligence of energy consumption monitoring, so that the scientific and modernization of your electricity management and decision-making. Know more about smart breakers, please contact AT-ELE.