Where Can a Smart Breaker be Used? - Applications and Usage Scenarios

Where Can a Smart Breaker be Used? - Applications and Usage Scenarios

As automation technologies are widely and deeply used in electrical grid, grid technology is becoming more and more intelligent. Smart grids are an inevitable choice for social and economic development. Likewise, the supporting power equipment technology has also been upgraded. The smart circuit breaker is a piece in the construction of the electric power Internet of Things system. The more automated development greatly improves the level of energy costs.

Traditional circuit breakers will slowly withdraw from the electricity market in the next few years, as they will not be able to meet the more functional and electricity needs of the user side. With the emergence of the smart city IoT industry, the upgrade of traditional circuit breakers to smart circuit breakers will also be an inevitable trend. It's time to realize the upgrade of the smart city industry chain, so as to meet the electricity needs of different industries.

What is a Smart Breaker?

What is a Smart Breaker?

Relying on the background of the Internet of Things, smart circuit breakers are intelligent products under the "Smart Electricity Management Platform". The ATQCB2 smart breaker, for example, is not only free from the drawbacks of traditional circuit breakers but also uses IoT technology to track and analyze the temperature, current, voltage and power of the conductors.

What’s more, it can detect potential safety hazards in electrical circuits and equipment in real time. The main function of the electricity use prevention system is to warn about potential accidents and prevent them from happening. It avoids the occurrence of fires and electric shocks every day and realizes intelligent management of electricity use.

In Which Areas Can a Smart Breaker be used?

As smart products become more popular and useful, traditional circuit breakers are no longer enough. Smart breakers are the next step. Today we will talk about what areas smart breakers can be used in. There are a lot of smart breaker applications you can use both in life and at work. Smart breakers lead to a happy user experience. The application area of smart circuit breakers is relatively diverse, with a large demand in everyday life.

The smart breaker is an essential electricity management device for almost every family for the renovation of the connection to the home. Smart circuit breakers are not only used in everyday life at home, but also in various fields such as industry, agriculture and the education industry. Read and find out if you need a smart breaker in your life.

Smart City

Smart City

Smart circuit breakers can be used in various areas of electricity in smart cities. In terms of infrastructure development, smart circuit breakers will play an essential role in various usage scenarios. For example, people can use smart breakers to remotely control the opening and closing of lighting and fountain circuits in parks. It's an easy way to achieve automatic control of the energy systems. At the same time, this can also achieve energy savings and create an environment-friendly city.

Wise Community

The smart breakers support live collection of the operating status of controlled equipment. They can send automatic alarms and warnings according to preset values. App notifications will alert you if cable temperature exceeds a certain point, power is abnormal, and other alarm information arises. Managers can quickly understand the cause of the fault. Then, they can find out the location of the problem to improve the speed of response to security incidents. A smart circuit breaker simplifies community load management, allowing unified circuit management and efficient circuit maintenance.

Application on Fire Protection

The Internet of Things technology upgrade allows for the monitoring of circuit data, voltage, power, temperature, etc. at all times. The system provides precise, real-time statistics of power consumption for lighting, electrical appliances, air conditioners, and other equipment. It can identify potential problems and prevent fires. Smart circuit breakers are essential for keeping circuits safe, helping help protect against fires.

Application at Factory

Application at Factory

Factories are places where large numbers of people gather with high electricity consumption. We cannot ignore safe electricity usage here. Smart circuit breakers can provide efficient electricity management and enhance safe electricity consumption. The system monitors power equipment in real time and recommends limits on current. It can also turn circuits on and off to prevent fires and damage to the factory. In addition, it can achieve energy savings and improve energy efficiency.

Application at Campus

The smart breaker can support real-time monitoring and handling of electrical faults through the electricity testing platform or mobile app. It can also send a real-time transmission of alarm and load information to the electricity management personnel. It's possible to control abnormal electricity alarms in schools and prevent electrical fires. The smart circuit breaker helps keep students safe on campus by monitoring their electricity consumption and preventing accidents.

Application in the home

Household power distribution equipment is an important link in the home power system. Smart breakers have high breaking capacity, continuous and stable guarding of home electrical safety. Real-time monitoring of equipment failure for alarm or tripping can prevent electrical fires in your smart home. T

he smart breaker can help detect if there is overloading or short-circuiting and if the leakage protection function is normal. If there is an abnormal situation, the smart breaker will warn you. It helps avoid various electrical injuries caused by the failure of leakage protection devices.

Application in hotels

The smart breaker can manage and prevent electrical safety by area for all rooms in the hotel where smart circuit breakers are installed. It can monitor electricity consumption in each room, analyze any abnormal consumption, and address it accordingly. This helps to maintain electronic devices in rooms and keep them running smoothly. Furthermore, this kind of energy management can help hotels better control electricity costs and save energy.


Smart circuit breakers are devices that are integrated with the Internet of Things. They have all the functions of traditional circuit breakers and can be used to manage electrical equipment intelligently. The main functions of electrical safety are to prevent fires and to reduce the risks of using electricity.

Smart circuit breakers will improve safety and create a more intelligent way of life. It's possible to control  remotely, set schedule, set protection values and send voice commands. Also, you could explore more intelligent scenarios. Have a try with AT-ELE smart breakers to create a convenient and safe life.