Where Can You Use A Smart Breaker?– AT-ELE Smart Breaker Application


With Tuya's global cloud platform, smart circuit breakers can be deployed globally and controlled by smartphones. It can achieve protection, control, alarm and metering all in one. The system can be easily accessed for energy management, helping you achieve equipment control. Smart breakers are important protection components in the secondary distribution network. They are widely installed in various distribution boxes and cabinets to distribute electrical energy. It's possible to protect lines and power-using equipment from overloads and short circuits. 

Under normal conditions, smart breakers serve the purpose of infrequent circuit connection and disconnection. Based on usage scenarios, they are managed on a grid with flexible settings for peak and valley times. The quality of the grid can be easily monitored with a smartphone. The intelligent communication system is available to the industry and can help optimize energy efficiency in buildings.

What are the Functions of a Smart Breaker?

Electricity Consumption Metering

Smart breakers enable high-precision metering of electrical data such as electricity consumption, voltage, current, power and frequency. The data shows how much electricity was consumed and how good the grid quality was in this scenario. Based on electricity data collected by smart circuit breakers, the TUYA cloud platform provides regular statistical and storage services.

Users can view daily, weekly and monthly electricity consumption data via the TUYA APP. The smart breaker can be controlled remotely, and also provides reports on electricity consumption. This allows users to manage their consumption more effectively. Smart home devices can be linked to the smart breaker via the smart gateway for easy intelligent linkage and scene setting. It will also allow users to control devices and energy consumption in a safe and intelligent manner.

Long Service Life, Safe and Reliable

A leakage protection function on the smart breaker monitors the terminal temperature and adjusts the leakage values accordingly. It also has an under-voltage protection function. With a smart circuit breaker, leakage protection is automatically detected if it is functioning correctly. If there are any accidents, the device will automatically alarm to avoid electrical injuries. The system will automatically send alarm messages and locate the fault location when abnormal electricity consumption data is detected. Make it easy for the management to quickly understand any potential safety hazards, in order to protect people and property.

Real-time Monitoring and Automatic Warning

Smart breakers can have real-time monitoring of current, voltage, temperature, power. It will protect from overload, overcurrent, overtemperature, fire, short circuit and other fault alarms or trips to prevent electrical fires. Automatic alarms and warnings based on preset values are also available, as well as manual inspection alerts. You can set up smart device linking in advance so that it will happen automatically when an overload alarm occurs. When it occurs, non-critical appliances are notified to stop working.

Where can You Use a Smart Breaker?


In flat distribution boxes, smart breakers can enable reference metering of electrical energy while protecting people and household property. It also supports remote status monitoring. You can remotely operate the lights in the bedroom and turn on the water heater when you are off duty. In addition, smart breakers with smart speakers facilitate voice control of device disconnection. This electronic control is even more convenient as it allows you to turn on all the lights at the touch of a button, so you no longer have to walk in the door and press all the lights on the way. You can also control the whole family's electrical appliances, such as the air conditioner, TV and rice cooker.


Hotels have a lot of rooms, and keeping track of the electrical circuits in each one is a big challenge. To protect hotel personnel and property, smart breakers are installed centrally in the room distribution network. When an abnormal circuit situation occurs in a room, staff can react quickly to resolve it. In the meantime, smart breakers can detect abnormal power usage and repair and maintain appliances in the room.


If you have a house to rent, you can choose to install smart breakers for your rental property. By installing them in a uniform distribution box in the hallway, they can protect both tenant and landlord property. The smart circuit breaker can send you a warning to your smartphone if there is a circuit failure or fire. Also, it allows pre-payment and metering of electricity, so that it can be topped up before use.

Park Lighting

Public lighting systems can also make use of smart circuit breakers to reduce maintenance costs. Smart breakers can be used to remotely control street lights and single-use meters. The TUYA Cloud platform enables street lights to automatically turn on and off at specific times each day. The streetlights are remotely controlled and can be tested to see if they are working properly. It reduces energy costs and provides a reliable solution for achieving intelligent public electricity consumption.


The automation of farm cultivation also requires the help of smart breakers. To enable remote control of the lights and metering of the bills, you can install smart circuit breakers in the distribution boxes on the poles next to the farm. At the same time, you can link the automatic irrigation energy systems to the smart circuit breaker. Based on the timer function, the irrigation equipment can be watered regularly every day. By checking the current, you will know it's working. The smart breaker improves the efficiency of farm production operations and saves management costs significantly.

Shopping Mall

Densely populated places like shopping malls tend to hoard large quantities of goods and have high electricity consumption. The shopping malls are frequently plagued by wiring disruptions, aging problems and even a high risk of fire. Smart breakers use big data power IoT to create a platform for managing energy use and warning about smart power consumption. The smart breaker controls the electricity consumption of the entire shopping mall through real-time monitoring.

Once there are hidden problems, the smart electricity system will issue a timely warning and troubleshoot. In the field of firefighting, smart breakers have greater initiative than traditional circuit breakers. Normally, traditional circuit breakers will be short-circuited, or passively disconnected in the event of a fire. In contrast, a smart circuit breaker can disconnect the current in an abnormal circuit at a given time.


Using IoT technology, AT-ELE smart breaker intelligently manages low-voltage distribution networks. There are many applications of smart breakers in different industries. Smart circuit breakers are important for public safety in buildings and other areas. Smart breakers realize intelligent management of everyday electrical equipment and reduce the hidden dangers of electricity consumption. With the development of smart grids, from power stations to terminals, intelligence has become an integral part of each development process.