Why Install a Smart Breaker for Fire Protection in Your Life?

Why Install a Smart Breaker for Fire Protection in Your Life?

According to authoritative statistics, electrical fires account for 32.1% of the total number of fires as the main cause of the fire. Especially 56% of the larger fires are also caused by electrical problems. This includes aging wiring, short circuits, electrical equipment fires and so on. In a variety of cases, illegal use of electricity often leads to fire. Real clear data sounded the alarm: once a fire occurs, it can cause huge social impact and economic losses. How can you prevent it? Smart breakers assume a key preventive role in intelligent firefighting due to their wide range of uses.

The smart breaker uses the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data to track power usage in real-time. A fault in the electrical system can be detected quickly, and the power can be disconnected as needed. An alarm notification can be sent through a mobile app. This system helps users quickly find power line issues, recognize potential hazards and respond quickly. Compared with traditional circuit breakers, smart breakers greatly improve the ability to prevent and control electrical fires. Smart breakers are an essential part of intelligent firefighting, compensating for the high cost and slow response time of manual maintenance.

What is a Variety of Applications of Smart Breakers?

Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

Shopping malls, which are usually densely populated, tend to have many items stocked and consume a lot of electricity. Additionally, they are often affected by disorganized wiring and aging issues. Smart breakers monitor the mall's electricity usage in real-time and alert when any issues arise, allowing for quick troubleshooting.

In the field of fire protection, smart breakers have greater initiative than traditional circuit breakers. In general, traditional circuit breakers will be short-circuited or passively disconnected when a fire occurs. And at a particular time, the smart breaker can disconnect the current under the abnormal circuit. This control is more convenient, allowing you to turn on all appliances with one button. You can also adjust the function remotely with the basic app, controlling lights and air conditioners.

Nursing Home

The elderly as a vulnerable group, most of them have limited mobility and poor self-care abilities. Electrical fires can happen due to misuse of appliances, forgetting to turn off the power, and other causes. Many nursing homes have substandard safety facilities in the construction process, including electrical wiring irregularities, private connections and other problems.

The smart breaker can monitor the electricity's temperature, leakage, current, voltage, etc. in real-time. It sends the data to a platform to locate and control safety hazards remotely with a mobile app. If the limits are exceeded, it will activate an alarm and start its protective power.



Hospitals have a lot of traffic and lots of flammable and explosive items, making them a potential fire hazard. Moreover, hospitals are prone to cause a wide range of fires. And electrical fires are characterized by the wide distribution, continuity and concealment of fire hazards. Detecting a fire alarm system at the beginning of a fire is difficult and not easily seen with the naked eye.

The smart breaker monitors 24 hours and can detect short circuits or overloads in power lines. It can pinpoint the fault and sound an alarm, or shut off power if needed. Smart breakers can separately supervise the hospital pantry, flammable and explosive materials warehouse and other fire-prone areas, to achieve regional monitoring.


Residential electricity is closely related to our daily lives, as the consequences of an electrical fire are unimaginable. The smart breaker directly replaces the original circuit breaker in the residential electricity distribution box. The power threshold can be set automatically to prevent high-power loads from accessing resources arbitrarily. It additionally has protection functions for short circuits, leakage, overvoltage, undervoltage, and loss of voltage overload. Remote supervision and control can be achieved through a cell phone app.



Currently, there are numerous issues and potential hazards in the electrical safety of factory warehouses. Storing combustible materials in warehouses can create toxic fumes, which are harder to vent out than natural emissions. The warehouse must ensure electrical equipment runs smoothly and prioritize electrical safety. Short circuits, overloads, aging electrical lines, and the misuse of high-power loads are the main causes of fires in warehouses. The implementation of the inspection system is not in place, and can not timely and effective detection of electrical safety hazards.

Replacing the circuit breaker in the warehouse distribution box is easy and convenient with the smart breaker. The power threshold can be set independently to prohibit the arbitrary access of high-power loads. It also has protection functions such as short circuits, leakage, overvoltage, undervoltage and loss of voltage and overload. Power circuit parameters like temperature, leakage, current, and voltage are sent to the manager's phone app in real-time, improving power management. Timed power on/off and power metering can save energy, reduce emissions, and reduce the need for manual labor.

Power supply company

The installation of smart breakers will effectively improve the reliability of the power supply. The old distribution lines have many branch lines and a long supply radius. But they are aging, which reduces their reliability. When a fault occurs, the old switch is unable to respond in a timely manner and often trips beyond the level of the event. It can cause an extended blackout, which directly affects production and lives.

Replace the old switch with a new smart breaker. It has higher sensitivity in detecting line faults compared to the old switch. The new breaker prevents tripping due to lack of sensitivity, reducing power outages. The smart breaker can quickly identify faults, lock the fault range and isolate it. This helps users to quickly restore power supply and ensure the safety of the distribution network.



There are many fearful fire hazards in the office, especially electrical fire hazards. Computers, printers, copiers, and chargers make life easier, but they can also be a fire hazard if not handled properly. It can easily lead to forgetting to turn off the water fountain, electric teapots and other office power equipment with high fire risk.

A smart breaker allows users to monitor and control the electricity usage in their office using a cell phone app. Manage the office electricity switch regularly to provide a safe and efficient use of energy and save electricity through data analysis. Smart breakers facilitate the management of office premises, relieving limited staff pressure. It can quickly identify and solve electrical issues, saving time and improving the safety of the office's electricity management.

What are AT-ELE Smart Breakers

What are AT-ELE Smart Breakers?

AT-ELE smart breakers are used for low-voltage distribution networks in industrial, commercial, and residential buildings and other indoor locations. Smart breakers can monitor power lines in real-time by tracking voltage, current, power, temperature, leakage and energy consumption via Tuya App. Additionally, they offer remote control, alarm notifications for abnormalities, trip alarms, power metering and fault location.


A smart breaker uses the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data to track power usage in real-time. An electrical fault will be detected quickly, cutting off the power when necessary and sending an alert via a mobile app. The users must quickly locate power line faults, detect potential danger, and swiftly handle them to ensure electrical safety.

Smart breakers are better than traditional circuit breakers at preventing and controlling electrical fires. It compensates for the expensive and slow human maintenance of the past, making it a vital component for achieving intelligent firefighting. If you have any questions about smart breakers, please feel free to contact us.