What is the market prospect of smart circuit breakers?

What is the market prospect of smart circuit breakers?

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 Whether in life or production, as the most basic power distribution management equipment related to power, circuit breakers are widely used in a variety of scenarios, such as daily life power consumption of families, production in industrial parks and other fields. Almost all power consumption fields are inseparable from circuit breakers. With the rapid development of intelligent power consumption, the market prospect of intelligent circuit breaker is huge. It is expected that the scale of intelligent circuit breaker will reach 140 billion in 2022.

Distinction of intelligent circuit breaker?

Intelligent circuit breaker can be divided into two fields, high-voltage intelligent circuit breaker and low-voltage intelligent circuit breaker. The application scope of high-voltage intelligent circuit breaker is relatively small, mainly in large and intensive power consumption fields such as industry and power grid. Compared with the low-voltage intelligent circuit breaker, the structure is relatively simple and the electric energy is reasonably distributed. High voltage intelligent circuit breakers are mostly used in power plants and substation equipment. They have the function of arc extinguishing, protect voltage and current and ensure the normal operation of power system. When the current is short circuited and overloaded, the circuit will be cut off automatically to effectively reduce the fault range. Whether the high-voltage intelligent circuit breaker can operate normally has a great impact on the power system. The application scenarios of low-voltage intelligent circuit breaker are very diversified, and there is a huge demand in daily life. The decoration and household connection is a necessary article for each family. The low-voltage intelligent circuit breaker is not only suitable for ordinary families, but also applicable to various fields such as the State Grid, intelligent power distribution, industry, agriculture, education and so on. The structure of low-voltage intelligent circuit breaker is complex and difficult in technology. It plays a leading role in the field of circuit breaker. The principle is to combine the traditional circuit breaker with the Internet of things technology, integrating multiple functions of the traditional circuit breaker, highly integrated and accurate control. The intelligent circuit breaker can intelligently manage the daily electrical equipment, remotely control the power safety, alarm, prevent hazards and reduce the potential safety hazards of power consumption.

Trend of intelligent circuit breaker?

Because traditional circuit breakers can not meet the diversified needs of users, with the improvement of smart city logistics network industry, it is also an inevitable trend to upgrade traditional circuit breakers to intelligent circuit breakers, so as to realize the upgrading of smart city industrial chain and meet people's increasing diversified power demand.

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