Frequently Asked Questions

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About Us

  • Do you have a local distributor in my country?

    At this time, we only ship products from our factory in China directly to you. Make sure to offer you a competitive price. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact us.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we can ship to the US, the UK, Germany, Spain, France and other countries. For more information about our shipping policy, please click here.

  • Do you have all the products in stock?

    Yes, the products are all stocked in warehouse. After receiving your order and payment, we will pack the package and send it as soon as possible.

  • Do I need to pay customs costs or VAT?

    Yes, all the products are exported to your country. We display prices without VAT on the product pages. If you need any help with customs clearance, please contact us.

  • What can I do if I have a technical problem?

    If you have a pairing or other technical problem with your newly delivered device, we strongly suggest you check the product page and FAQs first. If you find no answer to your problem, please feel free to contact us.

  • What’s your returns & exchanges policy?

    We offer 7 Days DOA Product Guarantee, 30 Days No Reason Return and 180 Days up to the Quality of the Exchange or Refund. For more details, please click here.

About RCBO

  • What is RCBO?

    The residual current circuit breaker with over-current protection (RCBO), is actually a kind of circuit breaker with a leakage protection function. The RCBO has the protection function against leakage, electric shock, overload and short circuit. The RCBO can prevent the occurrence of electric shock accidents and have an obvious effect to avoid fire accidents caused by electric leakage. RCBOs are installed in our common household distribution boxes to ensure people’s personal safety. RCBO is a low-voltage safety protection electrical appliance, which is an effective protection for direct and indirect contact electricity in the low-voltage power grid. The protection action current is determined by the maximum load current of the line in normal operation. 


    The RCBO reflects the residual current of the system. During normal operation, the system residual current is almost zero. Even if there is a leakage or electric shock, the circuit generates a residual current. This current is not enough for MCBs and Fuses to operate, while leakage protectors operate reliably. The common width of RCBO is 18mm, 36mm (same as 2P RCCB RCD) or larger (the leakage module is separated from the MCB). RCBO can directly protect the load with a circuit loop, which has leakage protection, short circuit and overload protection. So, the system used for the terminal switch can be more flexible and compact.


  • What is the difference between RCBO, RCD and RCCB?

    The residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) with another appellation of Residual current device ( RCD) achieves the following protections: protection for users against electric shocks by direct contacts (<30mA), protection for users against electric shocks by indirect contacts (300 mA), protection of the installations against fire risks (300 mA). Usually, The RCCB/RCD should be associated with MCBs for a power distribution system. But the RCBO achieves the above-mentioned protections (with different settings) in addition to protection against short circuits and cable overload.


  • What are the ways to eliminate RCBO tripping?

    Dividing line elimination method. If the RCBO trips, you can disconnect the branch circuit of the grid first, and only carry out the power transmission test on the main line. If there is no problem with the main line test, then the branch and terminal lines are tested and eliminated in turn to find the fault point.

    Intuitive inspection method. Carry out a careful inspection of the protector and the protected line equipment, such as the corners, branches, crossovers and other complex and prone fault points of the line to find out the fault points. 

    Numerical comparison method. You can also use an instrument to test the line and compare the measured value with the previous value to find the fault point. 

    Trial delivery method. Finally, check the fault of the RCBO itself. It is recommended to cut off the main circuit breaker, remove the load side wiring of the tripped RCBO, then turn on the RCBO and test the test button. 

    If the RCBO still does not work, it means that the RCBO itself has a problem and needs to be repaired or replaced. It cannot be put into operation. If there is no problem with the RCBO, you need to find the switchboard and wiring. Check whether the insulation of each electrical circuit and instrument is good, etc., and check one by one until the fault point is found. If it is really unclear, please ask professionals to come to repair it.


About Smart Breakers- Before Purchase

  • What's a smart breaker?

    The smart circuit breakers are based on standard circuit breakers and offer real-time monitoring and remote control via Wi-Fi and software. They can effectively address and prevent the factors that contribute to circuit fires caused by domestic and commercial electricity consumption. It helps to keep your home safe and save electricity consumption. If you'd like to know more, you can read our blog about smart breakers.

  • Any requirement for the distance between the router and product?

    The product must be installed with a good WiFi signal as close as possible to the router, use 2.4GHz WiFi, not 5G. It's better if there is no barrier between the router and this product depending on the environment of use.

  • What kinds of home assistants are compatible?

    Pair with Alexa, Google Home,XIAOAI, TMALL ELF and XIAODU.

  • Is there a distance limit for remote control via smartphone?

    Use this product with WiFi connecting. After connecting with the APP, you could control it from anywhere.

  • Which APP to connect the smart breakers?

    Search "TUYA" on Application Marketplace(Android) or APP store(IOS) and download.

  • What does metering mean?

    It means electricity consumption calculating function. The data will be recorded from the beginning of use and will always be available on your TUYA APP.

  • What will happen if the WiFi is disconnected?

    It will keep the power on if it's power-on status before WiFi is disconnected, but the APP will show your device is offline and can not control remotely.

  • Is there a memory function? What's the status when power is back after a blackout?

    Memory function is available. There statuses: 1. power-off after a blackout;2.power-on after a blackout; 3. return to pre-status after a blackout.

  • Can the smart breakers pair with a wiring-free switch?

    No, please use TUYA APP to control this product.

  • How many timing groups can be set up?

    Up to 30 timing groups for one device. You could set a schedule to turn on and off your electrical appliances.

  • Can the timing function be accurate to the second?

    Accurate to the minutes but seconds, there is also about 30 seconds of error for the countdown function.

  • What does loop timing mean?

    Set a loop time, it's powered on and off circularly during a period.For example, set a loop time to keep 10 mins power on and 5 mins power off from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. The power will be on at 8:00 AM, the power will be off after 10 mins, and this loop will be lasting and stop until 9:00 AM.

  • How to share the product control with the family?

    It can be shared with up to 20 phones to control together after adding to the APP. Lead your family a smart life.

About Smart Breakers- After Purchase

  • Why can not search out the device on the APP?

    Please check if the product is on distribution net status. Check if the Bluetooth is on. Check if the router is at a proper distance from your product. Check if the WiFi is 2.4Ghz.

  • Why can not add the device to the APP?

    Please check if the WiFi password is correct and make sure your WiFi has a good signal.

  • Why the product is on off-line status?

    Check if the router is at a proper distance to your product, the WiFi signal is weak with long distances. Please follow the video to check the WiFi signal.

  • How to install a smart breaker?

    You could check the product page to find the installation manual. If you want to know step-by-step instructions, please click here.

About Smart Breaker- AT-Q-SY1

  • What's the operating voltage of the product? Can I use AT-Q-SY1 in my country?

    It's available for wide voltage AC90-240V. For more details, please contact us.

  • Is AT-Q-SY1 available for DC110V DC12V at home?

    It's for AC use only, not available for DC110V DC12V.

  • Can I replace the air switch at home with AT-Q-SY1 directly?

    It's better to be installed behind the air switch. This product is an on-off controller without overload short circuit protection. If there is an air switch at the main, you could replace the air switch at the split circuit.

  • Is the neutral wire off when switch off?

    The neutral pole is still on when switch off?

  • What is the accuracy of the measurement?

    Level 2 precision. It can not compare to electricity meters, the electricity consumption is for reference.

  • What's the AT-Q-SY1 installation method and occupancy

    Din Rail installation. Installation is accounted for a width of 18mm and same as the normal 1P air switch circuit breaker size.

  • How to set up the wiring if the air switch 1P input and output are just for live wire?

    Smart modules inside also need to be powered on, so the input port must be connected to the double wires- Neutral wire and live wire, it's OK to connect live wire at the output port. If there is no Neutral wire, you could connect the Neutral wire at the main switch or Neutral wire row to the input Neutral pole,and connect live wire to the live pole as usual.

  • What does product option A means and how to choose?

    A means the unit of electric current. Please contact us and inform the load power for the recommendation.

  • Can AT-Q-SY1 be used for air conditioners?

    Yes, but this product can only turn on and off the power supply. It can control to turn the power off but can not directly turn on the air conditioner for the second time.

About Smart Breaker- ATQCB1

  • What's the difference between 1P and 2P?

    1P and 2P have the same function but different external dimensions and wiring methods.1P input port is connected to Neutral wire and live wire, there is an extra wire for Neutral wire and the output port is only for live wire. 2P input and output ports are connected to both Neutral wire and live wire, live wire to L, Neutral to N.

  • Is the neutral wire off when 2P type switches off?

    The neutral wire is off when 2P type switches off.

  • Is ATQCB1 a smart air switch?

    Yes, it's with overload short circuit protection

  • What does temperature protection mean?

    Set a specific temperature value, there will be an auto trip if the temperature reaches the value.

  • What is the accuracy of the measurement?

    Level 1 precision

  • What does 100A current adjustable mean?

    The output rated current range can be adjusted from 1-100A. This product is with overload protection, you need to adjust the current to the range you need.

  • How is the percentage of overload and overvoltage of this product calculated?

    The percentage is calculated by set rated voltage and power. Take overvoltage protection as an example, set the rated voltage 220V and overvoltage protection 110%, there will be an auto trip if the rated voltage is over 110% on the basis of 220V. Trip voltage = rated voltage 220V * 110% = 242V

  • Why there is an instant auto trip while switching on via APP control after powered on?

    Please send your set parameters. Check if overvoltage protection is on but the rated voltage is too high or too low compared to the average voltage, or the percentage of overvoltage is improper.

  • Why can not close manually after switching off on APP?

    It's a specialized setting to protect from operation error after switching off. Please Press and hold the button for 10 seconds to close manually.

  • Can ATQCB1 be used as the main switch?

    Yes, it is possible to use this product as the main switch. But this product is for remote control, it needs to be used with WiFi, so make sure the WiFi cannot be disconnected. You could use this product as the main switch if you have a router connected to a power supply with no electrical power failure.