What is a smart circuit breaker?

I believe everyone is already familiar with the circuit breaker. It has evolved from the traditional switch and has a low safety factor. Generally, it is a common power distribution control device used in households to control the power on and off of the circuit equipment in the home, and use it with leakage protection. Nowadays, traditional circuit breakers can no longer meet more safety requirements, and smart circuit breakers have emerged as the times require. So what is a smart circuit breaker and what functions does it have? Let's introduce them one by one.

What is a traditional circuit breaker?


General households are household distribution boxes. Traditional circuit breaker are composed of 1p circuit breaker, 1p or 2p leakage protectors, anti-undervoltage, anti-overload, anti-shock, anti-short circuit, anti-leakage and other protective devices. Its main function is to cut off the power supply, effectively control each power line, and achieve the purpose of safe power consumption. Compared with the intelligent circuit breaker, it cannot be extended without the intelligent control function, and the function is single.



What is a smart circuit breaker?


smart circuit breaker are based on ordinary circuit breaker, relying on the technology of the Internet of Things, and provide remote control and real-time monitoring through Wi-Fi and software technology, which can effectively deal with and prevent the factors of circuit fires caused by domestic and industrial electricity consumption. With the goal of achieving safe and smart electricity use.



What are the functions of smart circuit breaker?


Smart circuit breaker is a collection of traditional circuit breakers, electric meters, leakage protection, surge protection, timers, over/under voltage protection, multi-function meter power distribution equipment, and multiple functions in one, making electricity safer.



Users can inquire about the status of electrical equipment at home through the app anytime and anywhere, such as current, voltage, and set the automatic leakage detection to push information from time to time, and intelligently cut off the hidden dangers of electricity use. Even if you forget to turn off the electrical appliances, you can switch on and off the remote control device through your mobile phone to achieve the purpose of early warning and prevention.



Home use consists of smart circuit breaker, smart circuit breaker gateways, and smart circuit breaker power supplies. The number of smart circuit breaker can be configured according to actual needs. The installation is simple and consistent with the traditional circuit breaker, the gateway configuration function is adeaker?



How to install a smart circuit breaker?


There is no difference between the installation of smart circuit breaker and ordinary circuit breaker. The only difference is the built-in chip, and the general circuit breaker wiring method can be used.



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How to install a smart circuit breaker?


As the tide of smart city construction begins, relying on the Internet of Things gradually derives more intelligent services, and smart products have truly begun to enter people's lives. Smart circuit breaker will make daily electricity use safer.