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What is a smart breaker?

A smart circuit breaker is a piece of electrical equipment that can be remotely controlled to turn on or off, as well as to track and gather data on the load and circuit's usage. The smart circuit breaker is capable of carrying out the fundamental functions of a standard circuit breaker, like tripping a circuit on an electrical problem. It's an amazing technological innovation that enables you to remotely control the condition of the circuit breaker and load equipment without putting yourself in danger. It is a secure way to carry out electrical work without running the risk of getting into an accident.

Wi-Fi protocol is used by AT smart breakers to make operation easier. It’s an essential component in the development of a smart home. They are able to capture real-time data on the condition of the circuits and other equipment via the internet. Using Wi-Fi and software technology, it simultaneously offers remote control and real-time monitoring. For homes, apartments, buildings, grids, and more, our AT smart breakers combine the protection features you need with the technology you need to make smart energy decisions. You will learn more about smart circuit breakers, also known as remote control circuit breakers, throughout the course of this article. The internet of things is a term that is frequently used today to refer to smart homes. 

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How does a smart breaker work?

In addition to distributing electricity to loads, traditional circuit breakers also protect equipment from overcurrent. Circuit breakers often perform these functions automatically within fixed limits. Circuit breakers interrupt the power if electrical wiring is carrying too much current in order to safeguard equipment and avoid fire. It engages a lever to break the circuit caused by increasing currents. You can manually turn it on once the load issue is solved. By protecting against overloading, the circuit breakers help to keep away from circuit issues and fires. Surge protectors absorb power surges before they affect electrical appliances. It’s a necessary piece of equipment in your home that can separate the flow of electrical energy and protect each routine. Separate circuits are required for high-power electrical devices like air conditioners in order to work effectively. When a fault is found, a smart breaker can promptly shut off the electricity.

A smart breaker performs the same function, but it uses electronic components rather than mechanical ones. The features of a smart circuit breaker to protect your circuits are the same as those of a traditional one, but it has a wireless meter that shows the status of the circuit in real-time. With Wi-Fi connected to your smartphone, your home's energy efficiency can be maximized. Data from circuit and load equipment is gathered and monitored by a smart circuit breaker. Smart circuit breakers are internet-connected devices that allow for remote monitoring and adjustment of load requirements, temperature settings, and other vital system data. Smart circuit breakers offer homeowners real-time data and remote control of safety measures.

What are the benefits of a smart breaker?

Installing a smart circuit breaker has many benefits. The smart breaker boosts battery storage and provides protection from electrical damage. You can connect devices like thermostats and lighting thanks to the breaker to make a smart home. Even other smart home gadgets like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa can link to these breakers.


Wi-Fi connectivity is available for smart breakers, allowing you to monitor power use and set up emergency notifications on their smartphones. AT Smart Circuit Breakers use a wireless data hub to access the Internet. Homeowners may track their electricity use and prepare for peak times and monitor energy loads to receive alerts for issues on the energy management system

Device maintenance

Smart circuit breakers can collect data from electrical equipments on various circuits while monitoring current loads. Long-term data can be gathered by smart circuit breakers and evaluated to find suitable system upgrades for energy efficiency. This feature offers an overview of how your electrical appliances are operating and where maintenance or improvements may be required. For instance, if a heater is consistently overloaded, the equipment may need maintenance.

Safe and Reliable

Additionally, a smart breaker has longer mechanical lives and experiences less aging and overheating. This increases the lifespan and service life of the circuit breakers. The anti-missing feature of these intelligent circuit breakers is an additional advantage. A circuit breaker will not close by accident; instead, it will return to its initial position. The breakers can be reset to stop further damage if it occurs. Since smart circuit breakers don't rely on mechanical parts, they can be more dependable and safer. The reaction time to system defaults is much faster for a smart breaker than a traditional breaker.

What are the applications for a smart breaker?

There are many applications for a smart breaker outdoors and indoors. Your demands can be met in several scenarios. The smart circuit breaker can be found in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, dorms for students, farms, and public works projects. It can be widely used in outdoor advertising equipment, electrical equipment for fish ponds, agricultural electrical equipment, solar control systems, charging pile equipment, etc. With the use of a smartphone, circuit breakers can be applied to a wide range of electrical appliances, including water pump motors, electric heaters, electric water geysers, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, fans, and lamps.

How to install a smart breaker?

Take the AT-Q-SMR1 circuit breaker as an illustration. The live wire and neutral wire from the top of it might be connected to the L pole and N pole respectively. The red LED indicator will slowly flash. Simply download the Tuya APP from the application market after installation. Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi on the phone. Then start the TUYA APP, press and hold the distribution button while you wait 5 to 10 seconds for the indicator to start flashing swiftly. A smart circuit breaker icon will automatically appear while you're waiting. To go to the next stage, click the circuit breaker icon, then type your wifi account password. Click it one more to complete the setting of the network, and the LED indicator will switch from red fast flashing to blue constant light. The device can be linked and set to work automatically or on a schedule using a smartphone when all the processes have been completed.

Why choose AT smart breakers?

As a technology-based company launched in 2020, AT Tech focuses on smart energy, smart homes, and smart industrial power. With years of business experience, we offer high-quality and competitive products. With "Benefit Your Life" as our company objective, we want to provide consumers from all over the world with smart and excellent service. AT Tech has expanded our mission and contribution to the smart convenient lifestyle.

AT smart breakers help you upgrade your home electrical system with remote control to a smart home with electronic devices. You can control the electrical appliances remotely and manage your device to set a schedule on the Tuya APP. It’s also equipped with various protections and monitors your home to keep away from electrical accidents. Let’s share the controls with your family to lead a smart life together.