Keep Away from Electrical Fire- 4 Advantages of Smart Breakers to Replace Traditional Circuit Breakers

 4 Advantages of Smart Breakers to Replace Traditional Circuit Breakers

With the increase in electricity consumption in society, electrical fires are a constant and frequent trend. The casualties and property losses caused by them are shocking! And electrical fire safety hazards have a certain "secrecy" and "replacement period." In the past, power monitoring was done manually, which took a lot of time and energy. Additionally, it was hard to check if power lines were overheating, aging, or damaged. Targeted marketing can effectively improve the ability to prevent and control electrical fires by actively promoting fire prevention.

What are the Advantages of AT-ELE Smart Breakers?

What are the Advantages of AT-ELE Smart Breakers?

AT-ELE research and development of safe and intelligent electricity products—the ATQCB2 smart circuit breakers. It is able to do the remote operation of the reclosing filling the traditional circuit breaker defects. At the same time, smart breakers can provide more time on electricity consumption and protection of electrical fire analysis of early warning information and alarm. It can collect data and records related to voltage, current, temperature, power, consumption, and electrical faults.

And through the Tuya platform, you can carry out statistical analysis verification, data analysis, etc. The smart breaker is capable of remote settings, viewing, control, and timing, as well as self-checking via a mobile app. The smart breaker can be remotely set, viewed, controlled, or timed with a mobile app, as well as self-check automatically. These all functions can make the process of using the product more convenient, intelligent, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.



The structures of smart breakers work in industrial production and home use. With a smart breaker, distribution equipment management methods can be more reliable. AT-ELE is equipped with high breaking capacity and long-term stability to ensure the safety of circuit and load equipment. Smart breakers can track current, voltage, temperature, power, power factor, energy, high voltage, load, overload, overheating, ignition, and short circuits. So it can carry out the alarm or jump, to prevent an electrical fire.

You must manually inspect a traditional circuit breaker monthly to guarantee electrical safety. Smart breaker has a fully automatic gate self-checking role to prevent forgetting. Smart breakers will immediately disconnect before an accident with electricity, truly with the maintenance of personal safety and asset security.


Intelligent circuit breaker

The traditional circuit breaker does not possess any advanced features, such as being able to detect power overloads, or the ability to be remotely controlled. This means that it is not a viable solution for providing remote control capabilities, as it does not have the necessary functions to do so.

Smart breakers can be connected to Tuya APP, allowing for the control of high-power appliances. With this, users can achieve intelligent control of electronic devices and power energy management, ensuring that the power supply is secure. Furthermore, this system can alert the user of any potential issues with the power supply and provide solutions to help resolve them quickly.

By providing a secure power supply and energy monitoring, these smart breakers give users the peace of mind that their power supply is safe and managed efficiently. It can ensure that the home appliances are functioning correctly and that the power supply is stable and secure. 

You can connect a smart breaker to either a Google Home or Amazon Alexa device. This will allow you to control appliances such as lights, fans, and other electronics with voice commands. With this setup, you can easily control the power of these appliances with just a few simple words. Perfectly meet the customer's intelligent power management requirements.

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving

Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving

Different types of household appliances use different amounts of electricity. Traditional circuit breakers do not have energy-saving, environmental protection or electricity safety functions. AT-ELE series of smart breakers can use "electricity" more and more security.

The real-time monitoring system helps to closely monitor the power consumption in the building and adjust the power levels accordingly, preventing the overuse of high-power appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, and other large electrical appliances. This helps to ensure that no single line is overloaded and that the electrical system remains safe and efficient.

Additionally, the system can provide detailed data on the overall power consumption in the building which helps to identify any inefficient power usage and can enable the implementation of corrective measures. You can use the power metering function to arrange the time of using electricity. It's a useful way to save money.

Easy and Fast Assembly

A smart breaker is easy to use because of its small size. It can adapt to a variety of needs and installation scenarios. Standard rail assembly makes the actual operation simple so that the product is safer, more convenient and faster to use. Standard rail assembly ensures the smart breakers are easy to operate and use, making them safer and more efficient. The user-friendly design makes it much quicker to use than other types of products. It has been designed to reduce the time spent on setup, and ensure reliability and durability.

What's more, it is designed to be adjustable so that it can be tailored to fit the user's needs, allowing for a more customized experience. What's more, this type of wiring is ideal for installation applications due to its ease of installation and low cost of maintenance. Its simplified design also reduces the risk of short circuits and other electrical complications. This type of wiring is often used in commercial and residential applications, as well as in hospitals, schools, and other large-scale structures.


Economic and technical progress has led to higher standards for the electricity supply system in industrial production and everyday life. This requires the supply and distribution system to have a high level of technology and intelligence. Intelligent power systems can quickly recognize any issues with the power supply system and help it operate normally. It's necessary to complete the energy management system of intelligence. Smart breakers will help make power monitoring more accurate by allowing for more scientific and accurate diagnosis methods. Also, it fills the shortage of human monitoring.

The AT-ELE smart breaker is an efficient and reliable solution to ensure the safety of users and the production of electricity. It is designed with advanced technology to monitor and detect any electrical faults quickly, ensuring the user’s life and the electricity production is kept safe. It can detect any electrical leakage and prevent any overload, immediately cutting off the power supply if necessary. The smart breaker is also designed with a number of user-friendly features, such as intelligent control, which allows for easy operation and control of the electrical system. This smart breaker is a reliable and efficient solution for keeping users and their electricity production safe.